Quo Vadis Planners

Quo Vadis 2024-2025 Academic and 2025 Calendar year Planners are now available

Quo Vadis means – “Where are you going?”
The Quo Vadis line of planners was born from a young man’s need to plan ahead. Frustrated that appointment books were cramped with only daily pages, he designed his own format: He took a ruler, pen and notebook, and laid out a full week across both pages, including special areas for actions, notes and priorities. He called his invention an “Agenda Planing Diary®.” The weekly planner was born.

Today, Quo Vadis planners continue to innovate formats and designs. They answer to new found needs for functionality and personalization in time management.

Quo Vadis planners are well-made and well-designed, with quality construction, ultra smooth paper, and flexible layouts that give you plenty of room to manage busy schedules, organize priorities, and record important notes, ideas and events.